Brian Mathews began his career with Communication Specialists in 2000 after earning an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science from Cape Fear Community College.  After helping launch Communication Specialists’  Internet Services Division, Brian moved to South Carolina where he continued to hone his customer service and technical skills with Internet Services of the Low Country. Approximately one and a half years later, Brian returned to Communication Specialists where he has become one of this area’s leading experts on wireless Internet technologies.

Brian also specializes in troubleshooting, repairs, installations and 24/7 tech support for all of our wireless Internet, DSL and Web hosting customers. He is the Lead Installer for all of wireless distribution systems and the BroadSail Online wifi network.

Brian is also proficient with many software applications including all Microsoft Operating Systems, Linux, Unix, HTML, Netscape operations, Mac, Dreamweaver, Joomla and many more.  His vast knowledge, combined with his patience and logical approach to problem solving make Brian an expert troubleshooter in an industry on the cutting edge of wireless Internet technology.