Duke Energy Progress. Our relationship with Duke Energy began in 2002 (Formerly Progress Energy) with a maintenance contract covering all of their vehicles (radios, mobile data terminals and electronic equipment), and multiple tower site maintenance across eastern NC.


CSC was enlisted by Duke Energy in 2013 to find a way to utilize our tower sites in eastern NC and northeastern SC to enhance their ‘EnergyWise’ Load Management program. The president and founder of CSC Frank McNeill, determined that working with Duke’s partners, our coverage area could be increased and modified for use in their Load Management program. Click ‘here for a Photo’ of our most recent award from Duke Energy. (For more info on ‘Energy Wise’ click here’)


Four County Electric Membership Corporation, (FCEMC) is the utility co-op for the southeastern counties of Pender, Duplin, Bladen and Sampson.  Our relationship began with FCEMC in 2009 with their purchase of a new UHF Radio system by TAIT. Our installation team was enlisted to do all of the installations on their utility trucks and other vehicles, to make them operable on the new MPT1327 system. This was a four site 4 channel Analog radio system, but was upgraded in 2011 with the addition of two (2) TAIT sites to complement their growth with more subscriber units (users) on their radio system.


Near the end of 2019, FCEMC contracted JVCKenwood Enterprise Systems to upgrade their

TAIT MPT1327system, to a new NXDN digital radio system. Kenwood contracted Communication Specialists to be their radio installation team for both the six (6) site system, and all vehicles.

(See the JVCKenwood info in our ‘Vendor Partners’ section)


CSC provided all of the tower work and PMs performed at FCEMC prior to the new system installation. All six (6) of their radio sites were modified (where needed) and updated to manage the new digital radio system. CSC technicians and our tower crew worked diligently to perform maintenance on all of the sites and add new hardware to the towers where necessary. This new system was commissioned in August 2020, and is performing to specifications at all sites today.